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Air Quality

Control your climate by updating or adding modern HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) technology to your system. Improve your home or workplace air quality with energy efficiency and environmental controls. Below are some of the enhancements offered, contact our office for more information or about products not listed here.

HVAC Filter

HVAC filters remove small particulates from the air, allowing you to breathe cleaner air and improves air quality for those with allergies or respiratory problems. Additionally, this type of system improves energy efficiency by maintaining cleaner air flow throughout the HVAC system.

Air Scrubbers

Air Scrubbers provide high performance filtration of airborne contaminants and are effective in a wide range of applications, including mold abatement and disaster restoration, as well as construction, renovation, and industrial operations.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Captures a wide range of particles including airborne dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores and other bacteria. Helps maintain the performance and reliability of your HVAC system and works with central heating and cooling systems. The air filter cell(s) can also be washed, saving you money on replacements.


Humidifiers can help introduce moisture into your environment helping you reach the appropriate humidity level. This not only increases comfort, but can also reduce heating bills. Humidified air feels warmer, you’ll be able to turn your thermostat down for energy savings.


A thermostat, with the ability to record different temperature/time settings for your heating and cooling equipment, allows you to adjust your home or workplace comfort at the touch of a button. A digital, programable thermostat will save you money and lower your energy needs when you are away or asleep. Many older thermostats are not as accurate as newer models. A few degrees can make a big difference on your energy bills.


Most heating and cooling systems waste a tremendous amount of energy through inefficient use. Efficiency can be significantly improved by adjusting heating or cooling temperatures for different rooms in your home or workplace. Automatically lower the temperature when occupants are present and raise it when unoccupied (or vice-versa). Zoned HVAC can do this for you automatically. The energy savings over just a few years can be substantial.

Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer

With specialized thermostats, you can use a Smart Phone, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, PC or Mac Computer, to remotely monitor and manage your complete heating and cooling system, from wherever you are.

Small Duct Central Heating and Air Conditioning

Nu Air specializes in small duct systems that can weave throughout the smallest spaces, ceilings, walls and even floors. These ducts are designed to weave around the existing, as well as new construction. This duct system with its flexibility and unobtrusive capabilities will preserve the architectural integrity of any home, pleasing designers, builders and homeowners. Whether custom, historic, retrofit, remodel or new construction this system will not interfere. There is a large selection of outlet choices available to fit any décor.

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